NBN High Speed Internet in the Southern Highlands

How to Choose the Best NBN Plan in 2022

As previously reported the NBN (NBNCo) is now generally available in the Southern Highlands.

As we well know, Southern Highland’s residents have been inundated over the past few months with various propaganda from national ISPs (Internet Service Providers).

Now the first thing to recognise is that everyone is reselling a service.

It’s also important to note that choosing a NBN plan will likely also include a consideration of your businesses’ phone plans as in a few year’s time the old copper service will be discontinued. That’s the plan anyway – across 2 governments… But in any case a NBN service could lead to great savings on your businesses’ phone plans…

In general, with the NBN plans are based on total allowance (usage) and speed.

NBN Internet Speed

Speed-wise there a 3 main NBN internet speed levels and you can see below how speeds compare to current ADSL2:

Internet Connection ADSL 1 ADSL 2 NBN 12 / 1 NBN 25 / 5 NBN 100 / 40
Download Speed nominal Mbps 1.5 10 12 25 100
Upload Speed nominal Mbps 0.1 0.1 1 5 40
1 GB download 1.8 hrs 16 mins 11 mins 5 mins 1.3 mins
1 GB upload 28 hrs 28 hrs 2.2 hrs 27 mins 3.3 mins
VOIP calls simultaneously 1 1 12 62 500
HD Video conferences 0 0 0 2 20

NBN Southern Highlands Node Box FTTNUltimate speed depends on how far away you are from those green boxes around your neighbourhood. For reference they look like this:

Anywhere up to 250-300 metres from that box is ideal, beyond that speeds taper off massively and the fastest plans will not be suitable as you likely will not achieve anywhere near the expected speeds.

One good thing about the NBN though is that it offers good upload speeds. This means that sending out information – for instance a video streaming, voice and file uploads – is well suited.

Internet Usage

Usage wise most plans offer around the 50GB-100GB downloads as a starter then about 100-500GB middle then either 1000GB or unlimited download.

Plans are generally worked out based on the speed requested vs usage allowance.

A ‘slow’ NBN plan with small usage can start around $39 up to ‘full’ speed and unlimited downloads for around $90 per month.

NBN Contract

Of course these businesses would like to lock you in for anywhere from 12 to 24 months. They’ll do this for FREE setup and activation of the service.

But most also offer a ‘casual’ month to month plan by charging a setup cost ranging from $50-$150. Many are $99 once off.

Phones / VOIP

These ISPs also offer Voice over IP services (VOIP) to change your phone lines over to the NBN. The ultimate goal of the NBN is to get off of a copper network and phones will increasingly be run over the internet.

VOIP services are offered as anywhere from $10-20 per month additional on your plan.

The type of plan typically also offers free local calls, maybe free national calls. Other plans add free mobile calls etc…

Customer Service

As NBN is a service everyone is reselling so the actual quality of the product itself is not the question.

It would more be what sort of service you get when something goes wrong one day…

National providers include:

Local Providers include: