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Adhoc Technical Support

We’re ready to give you fast tech support that properly resolves issues and gets you up and running quickly. Onsite, Remotely or over the Phone.

Proactive / Managed IT Support

Our managed services can be configured to suit your company needs and ensure minimal downtime. Proactively managed IT support planned in advance saves you money long term.

Servers & Networking

Our team can assist in keeping your onsite or cloud based server online and running as optimally as possible. We can assist with monitoring, patching along with provisioning new servers and networking in your office.

Backups & Disaster Recovery

Most businesses do not have an effective or reliable backup and disaster recovery plan. We can assist with reliable backups that are regularly restore verified.

Virus & Malware Removal

We can assist with the prompt removal of viruses and other malware infections. We can also provide advice on keeping your systems secure and virus free at all times.

Cyber Security

It is getting increasingly more urgent to ensure that your IT Systems and Procedures are secure to avoid phishing, ransonmware and other cyber security breaches.

Hardware Procurement

We can assist with the sourcing and supply of computer hardware, networking equipment and provide the services to professionally install them for you.

Cloud Solutions

We can help you to leverage the power and efficiency of cloud based computing. We can advise and setup services and implement policies to ensure they are secure.

Domain Names & Website Hosting

We can consult on a full range of cloud solutions and assisting you to select those most appropriate for your needs and budget.

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Focused on Your Success.

We love what we do, and we love devising solutions and strategies that really work. We want to help you get the edge on your competitors by optimising how you use IT and then keeping you online 24/7/365.