NBN Broadband Failover Service

With the continued complaints over NBN (or ADSL2+) connections the last thing that you as a business owner needs or wants is a broadband outage – in extreme cases we’ve experienced up to 8 weeks of NBN outage awaiting a technician to fix what ends up being a relatively simple issue… Even in good times the copper in use in the Southern Highlands is in many places over 50 years old, this means that rainfall and extreme heat can be even short term outage factors.

We’re pleased to offer a professional grade solution for a small business affordable price – our Broadband Failover service.

How Does It Work?

We supply a special device that “bonds” your NBN or ADSL connection with a 4G data connection.

In the (unfortunately likely) event that your NBN fails, the 4G will automatically kick in and continue to supply your internet connectivity, seamlessly.

In addition this service allows you to retain the same static IP address which means that remote workers and other services can continue without interruption.

More Than Just Seamless Connectivity…

In addition to the failover service, this solution also provides:

  • Compression – leading to increased connection speeds over a normal NBN service.
  • Quality of Service (QoS)

The Best Thing Is…

You don’t have to be a business IT customer of Resolved IT – we can install this as a dedicated service for you with or without your current IT’s help.

Contact us today on [02] 4803 2150 for more information or to order this fantastic solution to help give your business that edge.

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